Why I Love Technicolor Ponies – Part One

Oh, how I love my ponies. I have little figurines of the “Mane Six”, I have plushies, wallpapers, drawings, posters, canvas bags, stickers, DVDs, and my phone plays the theme of the show as it’s ringtone.

Why do I love these ponies so? There are other cartoons I enjoy; I’m a big fan of The Simpsons, Family Guy, Thundercats, Batman: The Animated Series, et. al, and a whole host of animated movies (Pixar being my favorite production studio), so why do these ponies matter so much to me? Why do they hold a special place in my heart?

Well, part of the reason is that I just love the characters. They are intelligent, sweet, and lack the unhealthy doses of cynicism I find in so many places. They believe that friendship is magic, that there is nothing more important than loving your friends and family, and that everyone has the potential to be a great friend. That is a level of optimism I haven’t seen in a long time. I think it is an important message, and that message reaches me.

I also love the setting. Here we are, in this magical land where myths come to life. There are Hydra, pegasi, unicorns, gryphons, entire cities made out of crystal, and cities that float on the clouds, the Sun and Moon are controlled celestial bodies that are under the command of Alicorn rulers. There are dangerous lands where dragons live, and sea creatures inhabit the depths, and then there are the idyllic homes of the ponies themselves, places of beautiful, lush green landscapes, snow topped mountains, and gorgeous sunsets.

When I watch the show, I get to let my imagination run free. I have even written stories based on the show, because I wanted to expand upon the world that had made itself at home in my own head, which brings me to another reason:

The community. One of the most wonderful aspects of my enjoyment of the show is the community itself. Members who are adults, who have found similar reasons to enjoy the show, even though the target audience is mostly young girls. That doesn’t change the fact that there is something in the show for everyone, as the show’s creator Lauren Faust once stated that she had designed it to be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Does it cause some people trepidation? Certainly. Some of them see such a show as naive, and it’s adult fans as manchildren who should act “normal”. That, of course, is absurd, as “normal” changes with each new generation, but because it’s different, they fear that someone who likes such a show is not “normal”. There’s really no way to change such mindsets for people who are afraid of anything that deviates from what they consider acceptable.

Of course, I enjoy the show and the community regardless, because what I love harms no one, and it makes me happy, and no matter what others think, if it makes you happy, and brings no harm to others, please enjoy it, because those people are not you, they don’t live your life. Let them have their concerns. If they wish to waste their time obsessing over what you like, then that is their time to waste, so long as they do not harm you.

I love my ponies, and see a lot of wonderful lessons, an imaginative world, and a great way to spend some time. I highly recommend taking a moment to surrender to the whimsical. It makes life so much more rewarding, and it is that whimsy, that love, friendship, and that lack of cynicism that makes this show so appealing. If I’m going to have to live in a world of such pain, depression, and hard nosed cynicism, then I am also going to live in a world where I can let those things go and embrace friendship and love, and the limits of my imagination, which have no boundary.

Until next time,


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