Love Is A Bafflefield

Hello, my friends.

Before I begin, let me ask you a question: What do you know about love? Is love something you learn, or is it something you develop over time? Well, I’m going to talk about love, today.

I hear that a lot. “Love is like a rollercoaster, man! It’s got all of these ups and downs!”, which just makes me think of love as an especially talented hooker who knows what she’s doing. Still, regardless of which metaphor you choose to use, love can be confusing, painful, joyous, overpowering, and downright frustrating. I say this as someone who is in love with love itself. I love to love.

That makes things especially tough when I’m all alone. When I have no one to love, and no one to love me in return, it becomes difficult to do anything other than think about all of that love that is passing me by. I’m a glutton for love, and it’s not because I want to feel needed, though I do, it’s because there are so many wonderful people that I would love to make this connection with every day, in every way, and there’s a rational part of my brain that says it’s not going to happen.

Love is everywhere. If I were a bussard collector, and love were hydrogen, I would never run out of fuel, and I’d be traipsing across the metaphorical galaxy at warp speeds, that is, if everyone else didn’t have their own warp field disruptors engaged every time I approached them. Though that’s usually only the half of it. Getting the opportunity to do the traipsing is the biggest issue, because there are so many things that require my attention from day to day, and they’re really not voluntary, either. This is most painful when it comes to intimacy and sensual love.

I believe in expressing sensual love however one sees fit, with few limitations. Oh, there’s the obvious limitations that just make sense. For example, an adult who expresses such love to a child has serious issues, and needs psychological help, because that kind of relationship is very unhealthy, especially for the child.

Then there’s the whole “I love my horse, and I want to have sex with it.” To which all I can say is, please don’t. Please don’t have sex with your horse, or your cow, or your dog, because while they are living creatures, they are not sentient, and cannot give consent, they cannot completely understand just what is going on. If you do this, please stop. Please.

Other than that, I’m okay with other things. Yes, yes, that includes things like polygamy, polygany, polyandry. If you find more than one person, and the other people are happy with that, I say go for it! I’m also okay with the dreaded ‘i’ word. No, not Interpol. I’m talkin’ ’bout incest. Yep. People who want to have an intimate relationship with their brother or sister (or any other family member). Oh, I realize THAT one might spark a few surprises, but it doesn’t really bother me, save that the couple doesn’t produce children, as doing such a thing could cause significant problems to the child.

“Why, Lotus, why? Why for do you approve of such things?!”

Well, it works like this: As long as no one is harmed, as long as the relationship is consensual all around, and as long as it is freely shared between all involved in that relationship, then it’s really none of my business. Granted, it’s not my cup of tea, but it’s also not my business to interfere because others might deem it “weird”. You know, I’m a pansexual, and recognize no gender when interested in someone (I prefer sizing up intellect and humor), so I’m sure there are people out there who think I’m a freak, and a sinner, for not falling into a rigid, narrow guideline. That’s their right, though I’d prefer they not feel that way. Still, they can as long as they don’t try to harm me, or anyone else whether it’s via physical violence, verbal abuse, or legislative destructivism (I don’t know if that’s a word but it sounds good), then they are free to feel that way.

Sexuality is still such an unknown, and only now are we actually brave enough, as a society, to probe those innermost feelings that we have. It’s not something to be ashamed of, or something to fear. If anything, such knowledge is empowering.

Hopefully, someday, people will come to understand that love is love is love, and it comes in many flavors and colors. No one should be denied the joy, ecstasy, and yes, frustration, that is involved when love is a part of your life. It is my fervent hope that everyone finds the love they need, and that they are happy and fulfilled by it. I feel the same for myself. May you find your love, or if you have found that love, may you keep it in your heart and at your side for always.

So I have finished with my waxing poetic, and though I may be sniffling just a touch, I still want you to remember to be kind to one another, and to love one another.



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