Sweetness to Cancel Out the Bitter

I feel bad when somebody wants dessert, and they can’t have it. I don’t mean an unruly child demanding an extra piece of cake or something, but if a person just had dinner, and they want something sweet, and someone tells them they don’t need it, or they don’t have time for it, that bothers me. Life is too short not to enjoy the sweet things. Some feel we have too many sweet things, and it’s why we’re getting fat. I think we’re consuming more sweets because there’s so much bitterness we’re trying to escape to something that brings us joy rather than just one more problem that we can’t solve.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t have dessert.

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4 thoughts on “Sweetness to Cancel Out the Bitter

  1. Erma Bombeck once commented about women on the Titanic who skipped dessert the night the ship sank, and what a waste that was.

    1. Amen to that. Eat dessert first. I try to get people to follow that sentiment no matter what they do. Yeah, sometimes serious matters have to come first, but believe me, constantly working on the serious side of things and burning yourself out is no way to live. It is not, and you will pay for it emotionally, spiritually, physically. It will burn you out, I promise you.

      Eat dessert first.

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