Can Happiness Be Found?

I was reading a post by the Dalai Lama the other day, on his Facebook page, and he mentioned that our purpose here in the world is to be happy, that we seek out happiness, and I just couldn’t agree with him. I imagine if our purpose was to be happy, it would be more readily found than it is. Then there’s the notion of happiness itself: What makes us happy? Why do we think it is so readily found? What elements come together to tell us that we have found it?

Happiness is many things, but I’ve found it to be far more elusive than it appears to be. Around every corner, I think “here is happiness, this is where I’ve found it,” only to be left with remnants of where it may have been.

I have yet to find happiness, but I’ve been told it’s out there. I will say that I have found insurmountable sadness, and a giant morass of depression. If happiness is there to be found, then I must surely be so very lost.


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