Let Me Entertain You

Hey, it’s me again.

Yeah, I posted yesterday, and again today, huh? I was thinking about that. Like I mentioned yesterday, before you so casually interrupted me, I’ve started back to posting on my little blog/journal here. I didn’t for a long time because I felt it was a fruitless endeavor. I mean, many of the people who run these things try to be content providers. They try to entertain and enlighten, and while I would love to entertain and enlighten people, I can’t be arsed to do so all of the time, and mainly because I simply do not have the time to do so.

Yet sometimes I want to vent, or ruminate on things other people would find silly or stupid, and gods knows I can’t talk to people in the meatspace around me, so to my online venue it goes. That means there might be a month without a single post, and then the next month there could be one, two, a dozen, who knows? With that kind of irregularity, there’s no way to draw a following, but that’s okay, because I’m not a dancing monkey, and I’m not trying to create capital or a brand. I’m just being myself, and expressing my thoughts in the best, and only, way I can.

I do hope that doesn’t turn any of you off, because if you’re here (both of you), then you do care, because I’m not sure I’ve ever actually been entertaining. Regardless, your viewership is always appreciated, because I do like to share. I always like to share.

Until next time,



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