When We Die

I watched a video yesterday morning, called “People Watching: Death is Scientifically Bullshit.” It was an intriguing video, offering a point of view I hadn’t heard before, so if you’d like, you can watch it below:

Now, with that in mind, here are my thoughts on the subject: I would love to believe this is so, but when we die there is a reaction: the potential energy is released as heat, and then the rest of the body decomposes over time. When I die, it will still be me, but I will simply no longer be functioning because the life processes involved were disrupted, and couldn’t be re-engaged due to the fragility of the organic matter which made it happen.

Is there a chance we’ll conquer death? I don’t know. We will likely extend lifespans into multiple centuries, but not even the universe will escape death. It is true that we simply do not know what lies ahead beyond a certain point, but we’re pretty certain that entropy wins in the end.

It *is* disheartening to see human beings murdering one another, and that life has become but a mere statistic in the face of our ambition and greed as a species. I, too, would love to find a way to save all those who died, but they are gone. Their bodies have been broken down to their basic elements. They have followed the physical laws of the universe. There is no salvation from that.

Death can be a touchy subject, and I understand that I may step on a few toes, but I believe my religious friends will understand I’m not trying to take away their beliefs, only offer my own thoughts on death, and what may happen when we die.


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