Something’s itching. I don’t know from whence it comes, but it’s itchy, and prickly, and I can feel it on my skin, in my mind, and deep, deep down, and I just don’t know what can be done about it.

I get this itchy feeling on occasion and usually when I do, either something very bad, or something very good, happens. The itching is usually accompanied by this desire to move, and not just out of some kind of response to the madness of the itch itself. All the signs of feeling trapped are there. It’s the fight or flight response, and of course *my* body can’t choose fight or flight, it tries to choose both.

The only part of me that knows what’s going on at this very moment is my subconscious. It has picked up on something, and has chosen to tell me in the most alarming yet vague way that is the method of the subconscious. Something is amiss, and I won’t know until that something either rears its ugly/pretty head, or I figure it out about 3 seconds after it’s too late to do anything about it.

Until then, this itching is driving me (further) up the wall.


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