Just Everyday Things (Wendy’s Edition)


Wendy’s: I love you, you make tasty food that’s not too expensive. For a vegetarian, though, my options are limited. I can choose from a baked potato, french fries, and a side salad. Now, those options don’t sound bad, and they’re not, but I do have some quibbles.

Firstly, your side salad needs improvement. Granted, the salad is less than $2, but I would gladly pay $3, $4, or even $5 if you would add more tomatoes, a few more cucumbers, and for Christ’s sake, remove the red lettuce. I don’t know who told you red lettuce tastes great, but they lied to your asses. Red lettuce is bitter, sharp, and has a rusty flavor to it. Please quit using it.

Secondly, I have heard rumors that you are considering a meatless burger, something like Gardenburger’s black bean burger. If you are considering this, I ask that you make this happen. If Burger King can have a veggie burger (which is okay, but lacks flavor), surely you, oh superior eatery, can have a veggie burger. Come on, Wendy’s, make it happen right here in the good old state of Ohio. Me and the other 5 vegetarians that live in the rural parts of the state are hungry, and sometimes don’t like having to cook when most people can just waltz right in to any restaurant and have full choice of the menu.

Come on, just be a pal.



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