John’s Guide To Eating Well

John’s Guide to eating Well

Fresh Salad

I have created this guide to help any of you who wish to eat well and eat healthy. As a Vegetarian, and a diabetic, I have to deal with food choices on a constant and daily basis that go beyond mere selection. My choices can change whether I feel sick, or well, whether my blood sugar skyrockets or stays in a safe range. The following guide was created by me to help new Vegetarians, new Diabetics, or anyone who just wants to eat better.

I have also made a link for you to download, that is the entirety of this guide in Microsoft Word format (as well as a number of easy recipes), which can be read in any office suite program. I hope it helps you make good food decisions, and may it help you stay healthy!


John’s Guide to Eating Diabetic Friendly Food
Because we all want to have the chance to make fun of future generations.

When you have a snack, try to keep the following:

* 200 Calories or Less
* 30 grams of Carbs or Less
* 240 Mg of Sodium or Less
* 0g Trans Fat
* Limited Intake of other fats/sugars. Avoid added sugars when possible.
* Try to include one of the following in each snack: Vitamin C, Whole Grains, fiber

When having dinner, keep these in mind:

* 400 Calories or Less
* 45-50 grams of Carbs or Less
* 300 Mg of Sodium or Less
* 0g Trans Fat
* Limited intake of fats/sugars. Avoid added sugar as much as possible.
* Try to include high fiber option, such as artichokes, lima beans, or carrots)
* Always try include at least one fruit, as a side or as dessert.

(This is on a per serving basis)

100 Calorie Packs of Sun Chips (Cheddar are my favorite)
100 Calorie Packs of the Honeymaid Cinnamon Crisps
Orville Redenbacher SmartPop! Popcorn
Sun Maid Mediterranean Apricots (Dried)
Low Fat/Light Greek Yogurt (the cultures aid in digestion and lower the glucose spike)
Del Monte Fruit Naturals Snack Cup
Nature Valley Oats & Honey Crunch Bars
Kashi “TLC” brand crackers
Sugar Free Jell-O pudding (any brand is fine, really)
Garden Fresh Salsa or Hummus


(One serving of each, which is about a cup)

Apples (any variety, though the darker the skin, the richer vitamins)
Artichokes (Each serving contains 8g of fiber, which is -very- good for blood sugar)
Red Grapefruit
Beans (Black, Kidney, Garbanzo)
Carrots (baby are especially good)
Melon (Watermelon, Cantaloupe, and Honeydew are high in Vitamin C)
Nuts (Unsalted) – One serving is about a small handful.
Oatmeal (Steel cut that takes about 20 minutes to cook is best)
Red Onions (VERY good for you)
Spinach (raw leaf is best, in salads especially)
Tomatoes (Red Roma are delicious and highly recommended by me)


* Eat about 5 small meals a day (B,L,D & 2 snacks), spaced about every 4-6 hours.
* The largest meal of the day should be breakfast. This causes your body to burn fuel more efficiently.
* If you have a sudden snack craving, try something like popcorn or a cup of yogurt.
* When in a restaurant, avoid foods like french fries, fried chicken, and snack cookies or cakes.
* Eat whole wheat, not “multigrain”. If you’re unsure, look at the ingredients. If you don’t see “whole wheat”, or “whole grain”, you’re not getting the whole grain, which is the best part for your heart.

* As a diabetic, your daily intake should be no greater than this (as always consult your Doctor):

> 1500-1700 Calories
> 125mg of Cholesterol
> 1500mg of Sodium (I HIGHLY recommend Sea Salt instead of regular salt)
> 25g of Fiber per day

As a side note, I know you see some of these foods listed, and that there is sugar in some of them, like the aforementioned fruit. Fortunately, natural fruit sucrose absorbs much more efficiently into the blood stream than does artificial sugar. So an apple or some blueberries might seem sweet, but they will actually balance out your glucose.

I highly recommend eating a serving of oatmeal every day. Aside from being high in fiber, oats also cause the stomach to absorb other food more slowly into the blood stream, making any potential sugar spike less effective. I have successfully followed the rules in this guide for more than a year, in order to lower my blood pressure, and reduce the effects of my diabetes, and it seems to be working very well. I wish you the best in your endeavors.


To download the full guide, click here: John’s Guide to Eating Well


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