What’s With the Ponies, Guy?

So… I like ponies. Yeah. You’ve seen me discuss them at great length, but I’m not sure whether I have fully explained why these ponies, for this show, work with me so strongly. If I have explained all of this before, well read it anyway. It helps stimulate brain cells, and we can all use a little intellectual stimulation from time to time. Life can’t be all honey boo boos and Oreo cookies.

So before I begin, let me layout for you the six mane characters and their traits. Then we’ll go through one by one and flesh out how I connect with them. Sounds simple? Oh, I’m sure, but if anyone knows me well enough, they know that sometimes me and “simple” don’t really work well together. Hopefully, today, they will, as I’m writing this off the cuff as I usually do.

So here they are:

Twilight Sparkle [Intellect, Rationality, “Magic”]

Rainbow Dash [Loyalty, Drive]

Applejack [Determination, Stubbornness, Honesty]

Rarity [Ego, Professionalism, Generosity]

Fluttershy [Compassion, Kindness]

Pinkie Pie [Humor, Fun, Optimism]

Those are the main sixcharacters (referred to in the show as the “Elements of Harmony”). Let’s begin with the first on the list.


Twilight Sparkle

Twilight represents my intellect. She is the manifestation of the rational side of me that analyzes everything. She is represented as bookish, extremely smart, socially awkward, but willing to learn in any given situation. She is adept at studying, logical processes, evaluation, and problem solving. Another aspect of Twilight is her use of “magic”. Now, I obviously don’t believe in magic as a real phenomenon. That kind of magic is simply illusion or fantasy. The type of magic I’m discussing is the magic of friendship. I have a knack for making friends. People who I have never met will see me and introduce themselves, saying that I had helped them, tangentially, in some way. It is that kind of friendship that I believe in. The idea that everyone can, having never met, become friends, and to strengthen that bond of friendship over time. That, to me, is real “magic”.

Rainbow Dash

Rainbow Dash represents several key components of my personality. She is coupled quite strongly with the “Twilight Sparkle” aspect of my self. I am driven to excel at everything I do. I am a perfectionist, a harsh critic of my own work, and while Rainbow Dash is a bit more self confident than I am by default, there are times when I know of what I am capable, and that drive to succeed at whatever the cost is what pushes me forward. Connected to this same drive is my sense of loyalty. When I commit my word, it is a bond. I do my damndest not to break it, and I stay by my friends and family when they are in need, regardless of the personal cost to myself.


Applejack represents my honest nature. While there are times in my life where I have lied, it has been exceedingly rare, and usually in a circumstance where truth would have caused a huge amount of trouble that had to be avoided, such as a person’s life being in danger as a result. I am honest to a fault, even if it means I am held responsible for whatever the outcome results from that honesty. In Applejack can also be seen my very stubborn nature. When I set my mind to something, I will accomplish that task, come hell or high water. Just as my word is my bond, my determination to keep that word is built upon that foundation of trust. You cannot have trust without honesty and a determination to follow through on your word.


Rarity represents both my ego, and my generosity. When it comes to ego, I am generally modest. I don’t consider myself a super genius, though I do believe I am capable and intelligent. Like Rarity, I am ever aware of small details, changes in social customs, and generally adept at changing my strategies when faced with those deviations. This assists me in my professionalism, where one must also project a sense of control and understanding. That is a crucial leadership skill. She also represents my generosity. I like to give until it hurts, and I do not ask for anything in return when I do. It gives me pleasure just to be a part of someone’s betterment, whatever that may be.


Just as Rarity represents generosity, Fluttershy represents my kindness and compassion. I’m sure you’ve noticed, by now, that all of these facets work together, and that they make up a whole, which is a part of my personality. Fluttershy’s meek and mild sensitivity to all living creatures makes her particularly effective at healing and caring. These are things at which I excel as well. I abhor loud and obnoxious behavior, but will always come running when someone’s life is in jeopardy, or if one is in need of immediate help. I am kind to others. Not all of the time, as even I have my limits to kindness (and Fluttershy herself does as well, for that matter). Like her, I can, on occasion, be a doormat, which is not healthy, and though I try to balance that out, it does happen, and I can draw back into my inner self, which is a quiet, peaceful guy who just wants to live and let live.

Pinkie Pie

Perhaps the most active at times, Pinkie Pie represents my sense of humor and my desire for fun and laughter. She also represents my ever present optimism, and even though that optimism has been dimmed somewhat over the years, there is still this strong need to laugh, and to be a part of something fun and exciting. I am a very social person, and so my Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie personality traits clash on a near constant basis. As I said before, deep inside me is a little boy who just wants to be by himself, to keep his own company. It is the Pinkie Pie aspect of myself that draws me out, and helps me cope with meeting new faces. What I realize when I do this is that I have enjoyed the meeting, and want to keep doing that. Still, too much and I can start to draw myself back in, and wish for quiet time. Pinkie helps keep that at bay when necessary.


So, what do you think? Do any of these ponies fit your personality as well? Perhaps that is why so many people seem to enjoy the show. They connect with it on such a personal level. I don’t mind saying that another reason I like the show is because it really is about candy colored ponies getting themselves into funny or dangerous situations. It also helps that the writers make it fun for everyone, and not just the children. I hope this gives anyone who reads this an idea of why I like the show, and that it does not make me “weird” or “effeminate”, and even if it did, life is too short to box people into small groups just to chide them for being different, and I do not accept such behavior as an axiom.


Sep. 26th, 2013


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